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    Best Gifts Under $20 to Set Your Shower Apart from the Crowd

    We love showers! And we’re not talking about the rainy kind…

    There’s that unmistakable, kinetic energy when you’re surrounded by wonderful people who come together to celebrate a joyous event and person! Most times, it’s customary to send the attendees home with a gift, and we’ve got the best gift under $20 to share with you! Whether it’s bridal shower favors, bachelorette party favors, wedding shower favors or baby shower favors, you may be looking for a unique gift that’s going to set your event apart and commemorate a special moment in time. We’ve got the best gifts under $20 that will help make your event something to remember. 

    Kickspos are:

    1. Thoughtful: give every invitee the same design or pick one out for each guest that best matches their personality.
    2. Lightweight: if you’ve got a destination event, give the gift that won’t add extra heft in your guests’ bags on their way home.
    3. Customizable: add a special message to any of our existing designs to commemorate your special day or ask us to create a brand-new-design for you!

    Top 3 Reasons to Use Shoe Liners

    Shoe liners are extra thin insoles that are designed to go on top of the existing insole of your shoes. They are extra thin so that your shoes continue to feel comfortable, whether you add them to your favorite flats, sneakers, or heels. Here are the top 3 ways that shoe liners can add awesomeness to your life:

    1. Extend the life of your favorite pair of shoes with shoe liners

    When you wear your favorite pair of shoes often, the insole gets gross! Think about how often you wash clothes (often). Then think about how often you wash your shoes (with most shoes - never). Not only do shoes tend to get smelly on the inside, but the insole also wears down over time or may show flecks of sticky black yuck after extended use. If your first instinct is to get rid of your favorite pair of shoes when the insole gets worn down, think again. The outside may be in perfectly good shape. Slip in Kickspos shoe liners and your shoes will feel like new again. 

    1. Keep your sweaty feet feeling dry with shoe liners

    Whether its your favorite pair of summer espadrilles or winter booties, your feet may get sweaty and moist if you wear your shoes without socks. Slip in Kickspos shoe liners to absorb the moisture and keep those tootsies feeling fresh.

    1. Take off your shoes with less smell with shoe liners 

    You know that feeling when you slip off your shoes at work or in a coffee shoe and that unmistakable odor wafts up to your nostrils? There’s that feeling of total self-consciousness, like ‘Wow, I wonder if anyone else smells that and can trace it back to me...’ Great shoe liners also contain an antimicrobial to keep your shoes smelling fresher longer. The next time you head to a friend’s house and are asked to take your shoes off the door, you can slip them off with less worry about whether your feet will smell. And, Kickspos shoe liners are totally adorable so you’ll be sure to have the cutest shoes at the door! Plus, you can handwash Kickspos in the sink whenever you need some additional refresh!

    Encouraging Gifts for Life’s Many Challenges

    In life, we’re all constantly climbing mountains – both the literal and figurative. One of our greatest joys at Kickspos is hearing how you use Kickspos as encouraging gifts to tell the people in your lives – YOU’VE GOT THIS.

     As a recent snapshot, Kickspos have been:

    • Encouragement gifts for a team running a 200-mile relay race.
    • Thoughtful gifts for a team of nurses treating a family member with cancer.
    • Motivational gifts for a friend studying for her medical boards.
    • Daily affirmations for a sister going through a period of uncertainty and sadness.
    • Affirmation gift from a grandmother to her granddaughter on the first day of high school.
    • Celebration gifts for a girls’ weekend away from the hustle and bustle.
    • Encouraging gift for a sister-in-law who just scored a new job
    • Thoughtful gift for the neighbor who babysat
    • Perfect affirmation gift for the mom who does it all!