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    Refresh your shoes...and your mindset!

    We're on a mission to bring you inspiration, affirmation, and fun. To start, we're transforming insoles from overlooked canvases into essential uplift to power your day. 

    Our insoles are made in the U.S. and printed with love in Maryland.

    We love seeing how Kickspos transform your favorite shoes! Tag @kickspos with hashtag #mykickspos.

    Questions? Love notes? Reach out to us any time at  



    Hey! I'm Helen.

    Helen with Kickspos

    I’m the founder and CEO of Kickspos. 

    As a post-partum mom, I was feeling crummy (I mean…this mom thing is tough!). I wrote affirmations on pieces of paper and stuck them in my shoes. BAM! I felt newfound pep in my step. 

    My older daughter and I made the first prototypes out of her paper and stickers. After a whole lot of hustle and humility, we launched Kickspos.

    I start each day by setting my intention. I step into shoes with Kickspos that align with what I need most for the day. Taking a major risk? You are a badass. Stressed and overwhelmed? Just breathe.

    Connect your head to your heart to the soles of your feet. Step into your power. You’ve got this.